Join the PTA!

Dear Moreland Parents!

Welcome to the 2020 school year. We are excited and humbled to serve the school community, as a hearty loving group of PTA parents. We wanted to reach out to you at the top of the year to fill you in on a few things and invite your participation. Though this year may look significantly different than previous years at Moreland, we are still moving forward with providing enriching experiences and opportunities for children and families.

Whether it be through our quarterly Culver’s fundraiser, or our Scholastic Book Fair, our fall SquareOne Art fundraiser, there will be plenty opportunities for our school community to engage and connect. While most of our connecting will be done online this fall, with unique upcoming online opportunities, we are putting our focus
around the diverse needs of our school community and to keeping things lively and fun.

NEW! To PTA this year is our web site and this will be the avenue for finding out what’s happening, and to check out volunteer opportunities, and stay in touch. Our online store will be up and running with options for all your Spiritwear purchases.

We are closely following the recommendations of the CDC for how to safely operate as a PTA, and are also working in harmony with Moreland’s school policies for events and activities this year. We so appreciate you, and are dedicated to keeping everyone safe. Many thanks in advance as we work hard to sort out how to continue to provide wonderful opportunities for children and families.


Please watch for an upcoming announcement of how PTA meetings will be held, either in person or virtually, and how to sign up for specific volunteer opportunities and to get your PTA Membership sent in, and contact us with any thoughts or questions at

Warm wishes for a happy and healthy school year,

Moreland PTA
President Chanda Parkinson
Vice President Tiffani Albrecht
Treasurer Becky MacIntyre

217 W. Moreland Avenue, West Saint Paul, MN