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Moreland Arts and Health Sciences

Moreland is a vibrant community committed to cultivating creativity, healthy living, and achievement through active learning. A K-4 elementary school with an arts-infused curriculum supported by effective practices in health and fitness.

Imagine a school where energy and creativity are combined to boost academic achievement for all students, and you'll imagine Moreland. Art of all kinds - visual arts, music, theater, dance - and a focus on healthy living energize our students and give them tools for learning. 

Who Are We?

The Moreland PTA is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The support of the community is essential to our vibrant school. We are parents and family members of children at Moreland who volunteer to drive fundraising for fun and enriching activities for our students.

Our Mission

The Moreland PTA is a collaborative group of caring individuals dedicated to working together to support our students, our school and our families. The PTA is proud to be a part of that community and we work hard to make your (and OUR) children's school the best it can be!

All Moreland families are welcome to join the PTA in any capacity.


Upcoming PTA Meetings

Tuesday, March 16 2021

6-7:30 p.m. via Zoom. Email us for the link!

Tuesday, April 21 2021

6-7:30 p.m. via Zoom. Email us for the link!

Tuesday, May 18 2021

6-7:30 p.m. via Zoom. Email us for the link!

See PTA calendar for future meetings. 

Featured Fundraiser

Please read the below note, from our school's Cultural Coordinator Lidia Carillo. Please DONATE what you can to ease the burden for this family. The GoFundMe link is provided, for your convenience. Thank you.

"On Sunday, January 31st, one of our Moreland families experienced an apartment fire at 1530 Bellows Ct. Their child is a 3rd grader. The cause of the fire was determined by South Metro Fire to be an electrical wiring issue. Thankfully everyone involved was safe and unharmed. Unfortunately all of their possessions, furniture, and clothes have been ruined due to smoke and soot damage. They were in a hotel last week and this week they moved to a temporary unit, where they'll be for the next 2-3 months. They have nothing. We decided a good next step would be to make a GoFundMe and see if they can't get some immediate help from the community. The other family affected and included in the GoFundMe has a 6th grader at Heritage and 1st grader at Garlough."

GoFundMe link

Buenas tardes familias Moreland. Por favor lea la nota a continuación, de la Coordinadora Cultural de nuestra escuela, Lidia Carillo. DONE lo que pueda para aliviar la carga de esta familia. Se proporciona el enlace de GoFundMe para su conveniencia. Gracias.

"El domingo 31 de enero, una de nuestras familias de Moreland experimentó un incendio en un apartamento en 1530 Bellows Ct. Su hijo es un estudiante de tercer grado. South Metro Fire determinó que la causa del incendio era un problema de cableado eléctrico. Afortunadamente, todos los involucrados estaban sanos y salvos. Desafortunadamente, todas sus pertenencias, muebles y ropa se han arruinado debido a los daños causados por el humo y el hollín. Estuvieron en un hotel la semana pasada y esta semana se mudaron a una unidad temporal, donde estarán los próximos 2 -3 meses. No tienen nada. Decidimos que un buen paso siguiente sería hacer un GoFundMe y ver si no pueden obtener ayuda inmediata de la comunidad. La otra familia afectada e incluida en GoFundMe tiene un estudiante de sexto grado en Heritage y estudiante de primer grado en Garlough."

GoFundMe link

217 W. Moreland Avenue, West Saint Paul, MN